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Access control systems

The access control systems have the role to limit the access of persons to restricted areas, possibly at different times, thereby contributing to enhancing the security level. Access can be restricted depending on the rights of access that each person may have and the system can generate reports on the presence, circulation and distribution of persons in the various security area of the site.

The access control system works in local or network mode.

The local mode enables the access of several user through one door based on a predefined schedule, without limitation as to the number of controlled doors.

The network mode lets central access-control units correlate the information so that users can have access to predefined routes based on pre-established access programmes.

The system is also compatible with a dispatch unit that can control access in all areas by means of a special software application. If a personal computer is connected to the security network, then you can actually use the software application to proceed as follows: Make settings, check the status of doors in real time, monitor events in real time, view an event log that can cover one day or one week, sort events according to criteria and post them on the screen or print them out.

The access control system can work with the following elements: Proximity cards, magnetic cards, barcode cards, Wiegand cards or access-code keyboards.
The system is also used together with means of physical restriction of the access: electromagnetic locks, turnstiles, electrical gates, traffic barriers, etc.

More specifically,
Rollers - we will pick up the model that best suits your needs. It will be adopted to any access point/checkpoint. You can have tripod rollers or revolving rollers. They can be remote-controlled from a control panel and can be easily integrated in bigger access control systems. For a good quality/price ratio, rollers secure excellent security in industrial spaces, office buildings, banks, gyms, stations, military facilities, airports. Also rollers can be fitted out with all sorts of matching handrails, grills, bars, etc. that will be perfectly adjusted to each case separately.

Electric gates
Access-control gates are designed to have an elegant appearance and to secure safety to your property. They match perfectly to any application that involves access granted to people or vehicles coming from one direction and access denied to people or vehicles coming from the opposite direction.. Electrical gates are easy to install, since the electrical and mechanical mechanisms are all mounted in the supporting foot of the gate. Electric gates are remote-controlled through a control panel or from an access control system. This type of gates can be operated in various ways and allow simple or multiple access and one-way or two-way access.

The mobile gate opens automatically from either the control panel or if entry/exit infrared traffic sensors pick up the proper signal. Every times they are used, the mobile parts of the gate will return to their initial position.

The design is remarkable, since these products are highly safe to operate, they use electromagnetic blocking systems and a brushless DC motor.
Technical details:
Interior applications:
Gates and mobile panels are made of stainless steel.
Plastic tiles indicating access restriction/permission can be mounted on the panels.

Offices, bans, exhibition centres, museums, administrative buildings, train stations, airports etc.

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