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Anti-burglary detection systems

Our anti-burglary detection systems are designed to detect any attempted burglary that takes place within the perimeter of the protected site. This system promptly detects any attempted burglary, follows the intruders while they move on the site and sends the alarm to the security management system that operate the on-site ancillary systems (such as gates, alarms) and also warn the emergency teams on duty.

Anti-burglary detection systems include the following components:
- The central anti-burglary unit.
- detectors: magnetic contacts, PIR detectors, glass-break detectors, IR barriers, etc.
- alarm elements: Alarm horns, flash lights, emergency phone diallers.

The same systems can be used as fire alarms or gas leak alarms, since we can place smoke detectors and gas detectors in areas that are exposed to this kind of hazard.

These systems can be armed and disarmed by remote control or by typing a code on a keyboard. The operation method and complexity depend on the central unit that you may want to use.

There is no conflict between liberty and safety. We will have both or neither.

Ramsey Clark