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Anti-theft systems

Security solutions for shopping areas, anti-theft systems based on electromagnetic technology.

- Designed to prevent false alarms

- Anti-theft electromagnetic systems cannot be affected by any electronic disturbance and what they do actually is only process signals digitally.

- EAS (Electronical Article Surveillance) include antennas which are mounted outside the store area (protecting a 70-80 cm corridor between the cash registers) that can detect anti-theft tags, for various types of products. Any attempt to steal a theft-protected product from a store will trigger off optical and acoustic alarm signals.

- EAS systems run on various technologies and each of them has its own benefits.


- Large protected areas (up to 2.4 m between two antennas)

- A wide range of systems is available to meet appearance and efficiency requirements

- Systems can be fully invisible (they are embedded in the floor and/or ceiling or walls of the protected store)

- New systems are very efficient and process digital signals for enhanced detection rates, remote diagnosis and minimum maintenance needs

- Solutions to deactivate tags, that can be customised according to the type of store.

- Heavy-duty tags

- Full range of accessories that secure anti-theft protection in any store

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