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Bucharest, 22-25 March 2006: the 9th Expo Security exhibition in Romexpo complex

Over 22 - 25 March 2006, ROMEXPO S.A. hosted the 9th EXPO SECURITY exhibition, which is the most important exhibition of security systems, police systems, alarm an civil protection against fires and disasters.

Starting from the principle that to defend means to prevent, professionals exhibited modern solutions and techniques that are used to protect property and to prevent effects of natural disasters, thereby protecting an environment that can be exposed to the least to dangers which are inherent in the alarmingly developing crime rate.

This event brought together 84 of the best known companies in this line of work, but also exhibitors from Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA and Hungary.

Topics of Expo Security 2006

• Security and alarm systems
• Detection systems, fire, smoke and gas warning and alarm systems
• Disaster protection and safety systems
• Mechanical security systems
• Security systems for financial institutions
• Control and surveillance equipment
• Electronic security systems
• Services, equipment and armoured vehicles for transportation of money, money control and protection.
• Crime and burglary discovery and prevention systems
• Personal protection equipment and apparel
• Self-defence equipment
• Software protection
• Guard and protection services
• Civilian protection and alarm systems.

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