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Fire detection and alarm systems

These systems detect fires and gas leaks and lessens the risk of damage and, not lastly, they diminish the value of the insurance premium.

Functionality of the fire detection and alarm systems:

- Controls permanently the detectors that are installed in rooms of a building, at all floors.
- When one or several sensors detect a certain event, a signal will be sent to the central fire unit which sets off a warning or pre-warning of the acoustic alarm system and, possibly, will automatically turn on the escape doors, the elevators, etc.
- turns on the optical and acoustic signals that correspond to various types of events, on the control panel of the central unit optic (smoke detection, cable failures, equipment failures, etc.)

Fire detection and alarm systems include the following components:
- The central fire unit
- Smoke and/or temperature detectors
- Emergency buttons to turn on the alarm immediately
- Acoustic (loudspeakers) and optical (flashing lights) alarming systems.

The enforceable legislation imposes a number of rules for the location of detectors depending on the inflammable materials that are located at each site and depending on the shape of each space.

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