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About Us

About Us

CESS Group Solutions was incorporated back in 2005. The founders created a company that could solve problems and that provide intelligent support to integrated security systems. In response to the needs of consumers, we have developed technologies and solutions for any security system that can suit the requirements of the clients.

Staff made the most of the over five years of expertise they have in the field of high-security system engineering and advanced technology, and have supported the development and advancement of this company. Our force and continuous development relies on the following elements:

- CE-certified products
- Repairs and maintenance services in over 20 cities nationwide.

We are moving beyond strategy to purpose; beyond structure to process, and beyond systems to people.... Asshole management is not inevitable.

Sumantra Ghoshal, humanist management thinker, writer and academic, 1948-2004, who believed that management should be, above all else, a force for good