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Risk analysis

In any circumstance, holding proper information brings in a major benefit.
Starting from this principle, the first step that our specialists take is to make an assessment of the project to understand the level of risk.

"Risk" should be construed as possible exposure to danger, troubles or damage; it is a contingent danger. Once the site of the project has been scrutinised in terms of security risks, our specialists quantify the level of risk as follows:
- Minimum risk
- Average risk
- Major risk
- Disaster.

Risk management is basically a theoretical approach, while security management covers - more specifically, the practical approach - provides ways and means of decreasing risks. In structural terms, security management consists of a combination of legal, organizational, physical, technological and information measures that can prevent destructive factors to diminish or annihilate their consequences.

It is only after we have gone through this particular stage that we propose security strategies either global (homogenous or hierarchical) or partial, which should be tailored to the level of identified risk in order to minimize this risk.

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